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by miham


Categories: meeting workshops

On October 27th and 28th, 2022, the FLECSLAB Education Expert Committee attended workshops to discuss with the leads of the first four identified themes and resulting EUTOPIA Learning Communities in the project:

  • HEALTHCARE “Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare” – Bernard Crump
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP “Technological Business Development” – Thomas Crispeels
  • MEDIA and COMMUNICATION “Fundamentals of Television Direction” – Manel Jimenez Morales
  • EDUCATION “Urban Education” – Joost Vaesen & Els Consuegra

Participants discussed the preliminary results of the exploratory interviews conducted with the leads of these communities in light of the FLECSLAB Lifelong Learning Toolbox developments.

The experts and the leads reviewed the core assets of the Learning Communities for lifelong learning and discussed what they perceived, in practice, as the main dimensions and barriers to the transformation of Higher Education institutions into lifelong learning institutions. Participants also discussed the tools for bridging the gaps between the capacity available in academia and the needs for lifelong in the ecosystems related to each learning community.

The discussions were rich and will help refine and update the literature informed framework which will be used to build the analytical lifelong learning toolbox.